Celeb Stuff: TO Still Doin His “Thang”

Talk about an announcement.

When Terrell Owens decided to let the world know he would debut a reality show on VH1, he posed nude in promotional shots that were featured in magazines and on billboards. "Keeping it sexy," as he calls it. (See "sexy" photo of Terrell Owens in the Reality Bites gallery below)

He is quick to remind TV viewers that it's hard work making sure he "looks good naked," but that beyond the attention-grabbing pictures, he hopes people will tune in to see a different side of him.

Owens (widely referred to as "T.O.") has never been someone to mince words. The six-time NFL all-star has garnered widespread criticism for his outspoken demeanor, yet his VH1 reality series ('The T.O. Show'), which premiered last month, uncovers a softer side of the Alabama native.

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