LiLo's Tweeting Spree

Hollywood perennial headliner Lindsay Lohan is rumored to be so upset over her recent split with Samantha Ronson that now she uses Twitter to rant and rave over her current doldrums. Sun UK reported on this depressed (a very Hollywood) behavior and anyone with access to Twitter can check it out and confirm that LiLo does love to tweet, no more so than the rest of us. The only difference is that LiLo's tweets are of pictures of herself, naked, and of some other Hollywood celebrities doing their sweet and supposedly private stuff.

Some of the tweets she fired are cryptic, like intended for certain people: "Old habits die hard ;) - for some of us."

Shortly after: "I can't sleep. Samantha Ronson - it's your fault." In Hollywood, bluntness is sometimes next to cleanliness or something like that.

Then some more: "I love being alone. Feels safe coz I can only trust myself. Ya, sad. But I'm cool with it." Inane mutterings so common in Twitter but if you're one of Hollywood's princesses, could be read by tens of thousands of Twitter people.

And this clue-filled salvo: "Why do people cheat? When love is always standing right in front of their face(s)?? SR?"

If Twitter followers expected a tweet to end world hunger, they were disapointed.

Source: Twitter, Sun UK

Photo: Lindsay Lohan