Bruno Beef

A greedy bitch is suing Sacha Baron Cohen claiming the comedian's antics at a bingo tournament during the filming of Bruno left her physically disabled. Richelle Olson of Lancaster, CA says Cohen struggled with her while she was calling out the bingo numbers - all part of a bit, though she wasn't aware of it at the time - and, afterward, when she tried to haul her pissed-off ass from the stage, she fell and hit her head on a concrete floor, leaving her unable to move without the aid of a wheelchair. Now she's seeking $25,000 in damages.

Nice try honey, but one believes you were left paralyzed because you got so angry at being touched by a pretend gay man it caused you to lose motor control and strike your idiot cranium on some concrete. What the fuck is the matter with you anyway? Don't you know being touched by the genius Sacha Baron Cohen is second only to being fondled by the Pope? You should be grateful a being as elevated as Sacha even deigns to remain in the same universe as a crawling shit-stain like yourself. Roll off a cliff and die Richelle.