Gigs of the Week - April 3rd

So here we are again, with another gig guide. We've missed the last two as I've been kind of run off my feet recently, but as of today we're back on schedule. We even have a (long overdue) live review, plus I think I'm going to resurrect my 'Brisbane Releases That Changed My Life' series in the next few days.

Anyway, gigs...

Friday 3rd:
Loomer @ Ric's Bar
Del Toro, BiffCo, Re:Enactment @ The Valley Studios
Halfway, We All Want To, Baron Field @ The Troubadour

Saturday 4th:
Hazards of Swimming Naked, Fickle Beasts, Moon Jog, River Peppermint @ Lofly Hangar
Seaplane, Legions of Mary, White Mansions, Sabrina @ Fat Louie's Pool Hall
Steve Grady (Album Launch), Chloe Tully, The Honey Month @ Metro Arts
Big Bongin Baby, Shrewms, Gravel Samwich @ Clarence Corner Hotel
Idle Cranes, Ghosts of Television (NSW) @ Ric's Bar
Halfday (Album Launch), Crystal Radios, PJ Weston & The Precious Few @ The Troubadour

Sunday 5th:
McKisko, Carry Nation, Corinna Scanlon @ The Troubadour