Gigs of the Week - April 22nd

Wednesday 22nd:
Moon Jog, Biff Co @ Ric's Bar
Fawn, The Rook, Smokestack Orchestra @ The Zoo

Friday 24th:
I Heart Hiroshima, Dick Nasty @ Ric's Bar
Vegas Kings, Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side, Sulphur Lights @ Step Inn

Saturday 25th:
The John Steel Singers, Blue Carousel, D-Wizz 2.0 @ The Troubadour
FootFootFoot: Saint Surly, Monster Monster, Alrey Batol @ Black Star Coffee
The Gallant, Idle Cranes @ Ric's Bar

Sunday 26th:
Blue Trial Records, The Dirty Liars @ Ric's Bar
Live Spark: Madeleine Paige, Scott Spark @ The Powerhouse