Jessica Bennett - Justice (Black) - Footwear

At first glance, the trendy, new ankle boots for fall may not seem that evolved from the shoe booties that were so hot last fall. But, digging deeper you start to see the details that are going to make the new offerings so unique and fashionable you will be motivated to get out and make a few installments to your shoe closet's inventory.

Diego Di Lucca - Tiaz (Black) - Footwear

D&G Dolce & Gabbana - Multi Pocket Leather Shoulder Bag (Black) - Bags and Luggage

Roxy - Hall Pass Faux Leather Bomber Jacket (Black) - Apparel

As you can see, the use of metal studs, buckles and big zippers is in our faces. These babies might not make it through a metal detector, but they are zipping up and down the runways where stylish bomber jackets and messenger bags are carrying those metallic details all over the models' bodies.

For the stylish diva who maintains a wardrobe of leather bomber jackets, Roxy may be the brand to monitor. Cheap at less than $100 this cute faux leather jacket will leave you room to buy sexy, designer boots where inexpensive is not the best option.
The open toe ankle boots with a row of silver buckles up the side is simply crying out for beautiful toes fresh from a professional pedicure with flashy coats of eye catching polish.