Miley Cyrus leaked Nylon Interview

The November 08 issue of Nylon Magazine has been reportedly leaked their interview with Miley Cyrus. This is a very juicy interview where Miley opens up about having loved, lost, and dealing with it all in the public eye. Read the interview below [thanks to Ohnotheydidnt!]

NYLON: Miley, in a recent and very publicized interview you openly discussed your relationship with Nick Jonas, after denying there even was a relationship several times previously. What changed?

MILEY: I think it was just a part of that closure every girl needs at the end of a relationship. I gave the interview way back in March, when I was still hurting. I wanted to get the message out and say like, “ Hey, I love you, but I’m still strong and I’m happier now,” when I really wasn’t.

NYLON: So how are you now?

MILEY: I’m still on that journey of recovering and finding myself, and the road has been both a blessing and a curse; but I’m getting there.

NYLON: What felt like a curse to you?

MILEY: I guess just like the dark side of fame everyone’s so “hush hush” about, like being exploited by the media, and having your every move judged.

NYLON: How have you felt exploited by the media?

MILEY: When personal stuff is put out there for constant judgment, it seems like people don’t want to focus on my music or acting. Instead, they’d rather know who I’m dating or what I’m wearing, or how I live my personal life, and its super hard. I expected all that, of course, but not in the massive amount that it has been in.

NYLON: When you say that “personal stuff is put out there for constant judgment”, are you referring to the pictures that have been surfacing online?

MILEY: Partially, but all of that is behind me. The majority of those pictures were taken last year, so the fact that they’re coming up now is pretty bizarre. [The pictures] were taken in a completely different stage of my life, and my goals have been changed since then. I’ve apologized to my fans, as well as myself. I definitely came out of the whole thing a lot wiser.

NYLON: What about the Vanity Fair picture?

MILEY: I personally liked the original idea, that it would be an artistic and classy photo. However, the edited image was a lot different than I expected; but I can’t change that.

NYLON: So, lets switch gears. Post-breakup, how did Mandy help you get through it?

MILEY: Words cannot describe Mandy through that time in my life. She was amazing! That’s how we became so close. I’d bring it up, and she would roll her eyes and change the subject. She’s the one who helped me move on.

NYLON: Are you and Nick still friends?

MILEY: Our relationship has definitely been damaged, because he wanted everything super private. When I opened up about it, he felt out of his comfort zone and [our friendship] became awkward. For now, we’re okay, but definitely just that.

NYLON: So is there any truth to the Miley/Selena feud?

MILEY: I think it’s tension more than anything, and the media loves it so they add fuel to the fire by fabricating things. Like when the media says I’m being replaced by [Selena and Demi] it has a tendency to make things awkward. The thing is, all of us are so busy, so we don’t really have time to connect and form a friendship. We all do our own thing.

NYLON: What do you have to say to all of the people rooting for a Selena/Nick romance?

MILEY: Oh, gosh! I don’t know, its not really my place to say anything. I do know they’re great friends and anything can happen!

NYLON: And you would be okay with a romance between the two of them?

MILEY: That’s their thing. My opinion doesn’t really matter.

NYLON: So where do you see yourself in ten years?

MILEY: Hopefully, I’ll be blessed by doing what I love, which is making people happy. As long as people are still smiling when they see me perform, then I hope I’m still out there, giving my all for the people who gave their all for me.

So many topics, So many reactions- All in all, I definitely feel her on a lot of the responses she had. What did you think??

Written By: Annette