Miley Cyrus gets spoofed on the 'Bill & Ted Show'

Miley Cyrus is one of the many celebrities being 'spoofed' in this year's 'Bill and Ted's excellent Adventure' at Halloween Horror Nights. HHN happens every year at Universal Studios in California and Florida. The Bill and Ted Show revolves around the most well known events in pop culture of the given year, which is why you'll see many 'celebrities' involved. Take a look at the clips below, thanks to FairyCorpse2:

*Warning: SPOILERS!! If you're planning to go, don't ruin it by watching.*

(minutes 4:33-5:46)

(minutes 3:13- 4:00)

(minutes 2:36- 3:43)

Well, they weren't exactly nice to Miley Cyrus in this skit, but at least she got mentioned- that means she has made a big impact in 2008.

Written By: Annette