Whenever a celebrity breaks out with bold, black eye makeup we are hit with loads of questions on how to apply eyeliner. The average lady might not want to wear such dramatic black eyeliner during the day or for that matter; every evening. But the principals of applying eyeliner are basically the same no matter whether you prefer wide eyeliner designs, smudged lines or a thin almost invisible look.

Many instructional videos are filled with helpful tips and techniques including more dramatic styles such as is preferred by many movie stars to highlight their eyes when on the stage as well as singing or rock stars like Amy Winehouse.

The use of eyeliner is not limited to girls, some male stars like the look of heavy black eyeliner on the top lid as well as under their bottom lashes. There may be as many men or more buying instructions on how to apply eyeliner as most moms don't think that their parenting duties extend to giving their boys lessons on the art of makeup application.