"Have you seen those big sunglasses that everybody’s wearing?" I suppose each generation thinks they are the first to sport lenses that are so huge they could almost be called windshields or sunscreens instead of glasses. However, even I have to say that we haven’t seen designer shades this big in quite a few years.

Some fashion columns are making the statement that Jackie Kennedy Onassis was the last diva that wore glasses this large. She might have been the last super sophisticated lady that wore them, but the fashion has never really gone away. There are always those who feel more chic with their eyes and therefore their emotions shaded in mystery.

Jackie O was just one famous face that I can remember taking measure of the world from behind smoked glass lenses. There have been many who considered this a look worth pursuing such as Janis Joplin, Yoko Ono and others who were known to have classic beauty that didn’t need camouflage of any kind.

Speaking of camo, shades with saucer sized frames have long been the veil that hid the black eyes carried by the victims of abuse. Women that didn’t trust makeup to cover their shiners had little choice; style was not a consideration. For others, the decision to wear these monstrously large sunglasses is a daring fashion statement.

There are a few rules on how to choose the size and shape of your glasses if you want them to be large, but in charge.

  • Never pick a frame that’s wider than your face or that is bounced up by your cheek when you smile
  • Pick a shape that is in direct contrast to the shape of your face. Example: If your face is round as a full moon, try on some square or octangular frames
  • Accept the fact that big sunglasses are not for everyone. Don’t be a slave to fashion to the point that you are running around looking like a child that’s stolen her mom’s glasses. It would be best to pick smaller sizes of the hot shapes and styles than to completely overpower a petite face with big sunglasses