TIPPI HEDREN's French Twist Hairstyle - Star of Hitchcock's THE BIRDS Blonde Formal Updo

Few movie stars wear the updo as well as Tippi Hedren and a few other celebrities from the early 60s. Those were the days when people dressed up to go to the laundry. A trip to the grocery store was deserving of fresh lipstick and updo hairstyles. The French Twist hairstyle that she had when she starred in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds movie should be studied carefully by hairstylists of today who need French twist instructions. All artists should practice and perfect this style because it is a classic and there will always be a special occasion that calls for it. Wherever there is a red carpet, there will be French Twists and updos. Celebrity hairstyles may be tweaked and updated, but the basics are the same.

I'm not fond of the "wings" that stylists of the 50s and 60s put on each side of the starlet's foreheads, but the elegant view of the updo from the rear was nearly always flawless.

Curly as well as smooth upswept hairdos were very popular with platinum blond bombshells that often used clear combs to catch stray curls. Brown eyed brunettes were said to be poisoned with green eyed envy that black hair updos just didn't look half as sexy as their blonde counterparts.

There was no way for black hair to show the movement of the hairstyle until some raven haired beauty got wise and thought of frosting and streaking the dark hair to show off the artistry of her favorite beautician.