Can Hillary Clinton possibly appreciate all the "Bitch is the New Black" jokes going around? Does she even know that the statements are directed at her and depicting her as a power hungry, ball busting masculine sort of femme fatale in a designer skirt or pantsuit. Does she really care?

Probably not! She has not become so well positioned politically by being thin skinned and sweating the small stuff. If she will focus on the big picture of building this country back to the level of greatness in the world that it once enjoyed the same way she has tunnel visioned her way into the political spotlight....hang on people we're going up like a rocket.

But then again, this blog is not about the political arena. Leave running the country to experts. I have had ever so much fun observing Hillary's fashion metamorphosis over the years. Remember how people criticized the large blue hat that she wore so long ago for hubby's swearing in? Then people began harping on the pantsuits and what that might be telling us about the hierarchy of the Clinton household post Monica.

I couldn't help but notice that once Ms Clinton became a senator, her grooming seemed to suffer. One might hope that she had bigger fish to fry than spending time perfecting her hairstyle and practicing eye makeup tips. I hope that Hillary has a plan in place for all of her campaign promises and that she hires a really great personal shopper.