Is Natasha Sizow Bisexual?

From the news we read that there's a new student/teacher scandal. Why on earth would Natasha Sizow, a teacher, send photos of herself naked or nearly naked to both boy students as well as girl students? Is she mixed up about her sexuality or is she bisexual or does she believe in equal opportunity corruption of kids? I'm not sure what this latest sexual scandal is supposed to tell us.

Natasha Sizow allegedly used her cellphone's camera to take sexy, semi-nude or pics of herself in various stages of undress to two students who have been rumored to be both male and female. She has been reported to have turned herself into the authorities and has been booked with mugshots of her in this video.

What are the parents going to do about nasty teachers? Does anybody feel that the profession of teaching has become the goal of the sexually deviant because of opportunities to interact with teens and preteens? Are we turning our kids educations over to people who are deranged and thinking that they are still in high school?

How do you feel about this? Is it a teenage boys fantasy come true or a parent's nightmare?