Helle Comfort - Kala (Black Suede) - Women's

Helle Comfort - Lynann (Black) - Women's

Helle Comfort - Bambi (Black Multi) - Women's

Forgive my sudden obsession with Helle Comfort shoes, but they have me completely hooked! I set out to find some black patent leather sandals and was completely blind sided by the style of these cool shoes! I had heard people discuss them on the web, but I tend to discount any shoe with the word "comfort" or "comfortable" associated with them as matronly or something granny might toddle about in, not exactly a good match for what I look for in footwear.

I like heels and wedges that make my feet look trim and sleek. I pay close attention to how they make the calf of my legs look from the rear. If they don't add to the long and sexy look that I want, they're history! So, when I find a brand that does all that and is COMFORTABLE....oh hello. There we go.

The beaded pump is going in my shopping cart for a Christmas cocktail party option and the soft puckered leather ballerina flat with the silver buckle is coming along just because it's so cute! And why do I adore the slides with the multiple buckles? Because they are adjustable which will make them fit so nicely over the high instep of my foot. Anybody else have problems getting shoes to fit over the arch of your foot without pain? OUCH!

Helle Comfort - W70204 (Black With Crystals) - Women's

I chose those mules over the ones with the crystals beading for that very reason. Although, I really did like the way those beads sparkled!