Not so long ago it was Miley Cyrus in red sequins and then I see Hayden Panettiere pictures and what was she wearing? BLACK SEQUINS! The neckline was round and I couldn't really tell if it was a bubble dress or just your run of the mill Empire waist standard hemline mini. With her blonde hair it was a super contrast. I'm not sure she chose the best shoes for the outfit, though. I would have loved to see her in a pair of sequin peep toe pumps in a spike heel as she is not that tall.

Tell me which of the above shoes you think work best with a black sequined mini-dress? The maryjanes that she was wearing resembled the ones above except the heel was square and chunky. It's my opinion (and I want to hear yours)that the peep toes are lovely, but I think that the spike heels would be nicer and more slimming than the chunk, thick heels.

You can see an Alice & Olivia Black Sequin Dress similar dress to the one she was wearing at shopbop so you can form an opinion.

Earlier in the year, she was seen in a yellow and white sequin dress. The yellow and white stripes in the pictures brought those huge, hideous albino reptiles to mind.