Jason Gardiner slams Dancing on Ice viewers for sympathy votes after Vanilla Ice is booted off the show


Shock exit: Vanilla Ice and his skating partner Katie Stainsby were voted off Dancing On Ice this weekend which judge Jason Gardiner blamed the viewers for

Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner has slammed viewers of the show for putting contestants through on sympathy votes.

The outspoken choreographer hit out at the voting public after Vanilla Ice was voted off ahead of fellow celebrity contestants Johnson Beharry and Denise Welch.

Gardiner said the rapper - real name Robert Matthew Van Winkle - was 'much better' than the other two and blamed the viewers for putting him and Laura Hamilton, who topped the leaderboard last week, in the skate-off.

And he said the viewers' voting was 'frustrating' for the judges who were left to make 'soul destroying' decisions about contestants they want to keep in.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: 'It does a real disservice to the competition.

'It really angers me that people like Denise and Johnson are getting through on sympathy votes or popularity when we're losing someone who really should not have left.

Gracious in defeat: Vanilla Ice was resigned to his fate after he was voted out unanimously by the judges

Seductive: Vanilla Ice and partner Katie Stainsby performed a sexy Flamenco to Justin Timberlake's Like I Love You

'It's a crying shame he did. he's so much better than those two.'

And he hit out at the viewers again for wanting a 'mediocre' outcome to the ice skating talent show.

The 38-year-old added: 'If viewers want a lacklustre, mediocre, less-than-average final, they should keep voting for Johnson and Denise.'

Denise, who scored just 14.5 and was told that her routine was as painful as 'an MRI scan' by Gardiner, and Johnson, who received the same score, are safe to skate again next week.

But the judges were left aghast when Vanilla Ice, who scored 21.5, and Laura, who got 24.5, were given the lowest votes.

Gardiner said: This is where it gets heartbreaking for us. It's frustrating when we don't want either of them to go.'

Soul-destroying: Gardiner blamed the public for leaving the judges to vote between two of the strongest performers

High score: But her mark of 24.5 wasn't enough for the public to put Laura Hamilton in the skate-off

And he said he thinks that TV presenter Laura was voted into the skate-off because she's not as well known as the other celebrities, despite her outstanding routines and high marks week in week out.

He added: 'If we lost her, we'd end up with a clear frontrunner, Sam Attwater.
'I don't want that - I want them neck-and neck all the way to the final. It will be thrilling.'

Safe: Johnson Beharry VC and partner Jodeyne Higgins were kept in by the public despite being told they had no chemistry

MRI scan: Denise Welch performed a Carnival-style Brazilian Samba with Matt Evers which kept her in despite being told the routine was 'painful'

DOI: Vanilla Ice out

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