Applying Fake Lashes

I came across to some blogger's video A blogger by the name of XiaXue and Ms. XiaXue has a video about how you put on a pair of fake eyelashes. As we all know, yes it's true that we Asians mostly born with the so called non-existent lashes; nicely say a very very short and fine lashes. Not all Asians though, mostly are the chinese. It's true that it is quite annoying when people's curiosity gets so high that you tend to wanting to know more about how the other person can make herself so beautiful when actually without makeup she looks, well like a monster~ But without the initiative to go and try, how can you heal your curiosity?? Am I right~ So, be pretty~ Every girls have the right to die becoming pretty... That is if they prefer it that way~ LOL~ 

So, having to learn putting on eyeshadows, just all the simple basic things for your everyday make up; You've put on you foundations, primer, prep prep~~ powder, eyeshadow here eyeshadow there, eyeliner, eyebrow, mascara, blusher, bronzer, lipstick and gloss~ The most basic things girls nowadays would have on their faces everyday. Yet, it's not enough~ Even if you put on mascara, your lashes still looks invi... So, you learn about putting on fake eyelashes. But How??? 

Fake Lashes

Fake Lashes Glue "Transparent"

So, there's the top and the bottom fake lashes in the first two images while the third image is the transparent glue we all prefer~ Maybe you can get like mine, a Japanese brand KOJI, or the Korean brand TheFaceShop Glue or DoDo Club.

According to XiaXue video, you don't need to cut you fake lashes because she don't understand why people would do that; also because she's proud being born with longer eye lines and those who don't have is a pity. Well, it's important, yes it's very important that your eyes still feels comfortable after you had you fake lashes on. It's not because the brand or anything, it's because you must be careful as the skin around your eye area is very sensitive~

Yeaaaa...... The length of my eye lid is short which means I have a very small eyes, but can you tell??? These are the few I always put on, because I like it natural or just slightly fake. You can go for the fancy ones if you want to~
  1. So your first step would be to measure your fake lashes on your lid; This to make sure that the length suits you. XiaXue says that you could just leave it for a bigger looking eyes, yes that is true, but it also depends on you whether you want it or not~ You can try.. but your make up must be slightly longer as well or should I say thicker. 
  2. After measuring, if you need to cut, YOU CUT IT!! Cut at the longer end, not the shorter end. If your lashes don't show which longer or which shorter then you may cut at both ends. This part you have to be very careful as you don't want to ruin your precious fake lashes. So, cut slowly.. little bit by little bit.
  3. When you're done with the cutting, then try to measure it again on your lid. I'm perfectly sure that you be very careful so it should fit perfectly.
  4. Next, would be to curl up your own real lashes first before proceeding to sticking your fake lashes.
  5. Now, take to glue and spread on the fake lash strings. Please be careful not to over do it as the fake lashes hair is quite easy to spoil as well. Make sure it's only on the strings.. You might need a tooth pick for clearing the access glue~ Blow semi-dry the glue before proceed to sticking it~
  6. Then, hold it o one end or just the middle, I prefer it on one end and stick it! Slowly on the other end to the end where you're are holding.
  7. Now you have a choice to curl or not to curl your fake lashes. When you're done, put on mascara and Voila! You are ready to go... Maybe a lil' touch up on your make up, but all this should do the tricks already.
  8. When removing fake lashes you should use an eye make up remover. Gently use a cotton to push down the fake lashes. Either that or you can do the shortcut option like me, gently pull it out.. Not healthy though, since your skin around the eye area is sensitive~
I hope I made everything in detail. Here's an example of a practical video I picked from Youtube by Mel's Fake Lashes Tutorial specially to make you understand more or you can just watch the shortcut version on XiaXue's Fake Lashes Guide .