Winter Fashion 2011

2010 / 2011 Winter Fashion Trend - Retro Styles

2010 / 2011 Winter Fashion Trend - Retro Styles. This winter we'll be seeing plenty of old classics and retro styles making a huge return. From the look of tuxedo dressing, to many 60's and 70's inspired mod looks. Dresses are short and heavily embroidered with embellishments for a quick 60's glam feel. Glam as a whole can be found in everything from crop tops to coats for this winter season. Bright colors such as honey mustard and bright blues are the perfect hues for pulling off retro styles. For more retro looks try the 70's style with fur and shiny silk pieces, or go for the 50's style with looks of calf grazing skirts. The best thing about retro styles is that they are easy to pull off and you can grab them by visiting the local thrift store or by browsing in your moms closet, and for us older girls maybe even our own closets.