Hasn’t Anne read the reviews? Hathaway celebrates like SHE won an Oscar


A little early to celebrate: Anne Hathaway and James Franco ended their Oscars hosting gig triumphantly

Punching the air triumphantly at the end of the Oscars ceremony, it was clear that Anne Hathaway and her co-host James Franco were ready to pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

Anne was later seen partying up a storm at the Weinstein after-party, throwing back champagne and dancing animatedly with a borrowed Oscar statuette.

But as the actress toasted her hosting gig, critics were already writing up scathing reviews of her and co-host James Franco's 'clumsy and downright painful' skits.

Party time: Anne parties with boyfriend Adam Shulman and The Kings Speech producer Gareth Unwin

It had been hoped that employing Anne and James as hosts for this year's Academy Awards would give the ceremony a young and fresh feel.

But despite bringing their considerable comedic talents to the plate while presenting the Academy Awards, using skits and montages to add to their hosting duties, the pair's performance was met with mixed critical reception.

The 83rd Academy Awards opened with a montage of Hathaway and Franco delving into the mind of former Oscar winner Alec Baldwin in an Inception-inspired moment, narrated by the smooth-voiced Morgan Freeman.

And things continued to get more and more surreal, as the pair poked fun at The King's Speech, which took home four Oscars, The Fighter and True Grit, as well as The Social Network and Back to the Future.

I like the feel of this: Anne borrowed an Oscar statuette to take for a spin on the dance floor at the Weinstein party

Having a good time? The actress appeared incredibly animated as she arrived at the Weinstein Oscar party

Perhaps the funniest moment of the opening montage, however, was Hathaway and Franco both donning leotards and tutus to join Natalie Portman in Black Swan.

The pair attempted to impress the hard-nosed Vincent Cassel with their dancing abilities, and left Portman looking flustered with their 'talent'.
Hathaway also returned to her former duty at the Oscars in 2009 when she joined then-host Hugh Jackman for a duet to open the show.

'Downright painful': Anne and James's presenting skills received a mixed reception at this year's Oscars

James Franco and Anne Hathaway Opening Number (83rd OSCARS 2011)

Oscars 2011- James Franco in Drag & Anne Hathaway's 'On My Own' Spoof

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