Extensions Hair Clip Excellent Design

Clip on extensions are an excellent way to temporarily add length or fullness to your hair. These strips of Indian Remy human hair are easy to clip in and blend with your natural hair. They are outfitted with interlocking clips that slide effortlessly into your natural hair, giving you a strong and secure hold and an instant new look.

Clip on hair extensions come in a variety of lengths, textures and colors. Avoid chemical treatments by using clip on extensions instead of harsh dyes on your lush locks. Add highlights to your hair instantly. Go blonde on Monday, brunette on Thursday. For a truly dramatic look, go for a clip on ponytail in straight, wavy or curly human hair.

1. Not damage the hair because it does not use glue or ring ..
2. No need to fix the hair when the roots go down ..
3. Sleeping pillow does not get sick
4. Easy care, hair shampoo rich do not have to go to the salon
5. Not tangled in the connection. And easily combed.
6. Can the clamp straight, curls and colors
7. No connection plasticity in the lift if his hair or tie ..
8. Can hold up until 5 taon ..