Kate Spade - Clarice (Hot Pink Satin) - Footwear

Daylight savings time is ending and we need the latest hot pink pumps to compete with the blazing abundance of blooming azaleas. You can just bet that even my favorite Pride of Mobile is not going to outshine the hot pink heels that I have in mind.

Kate Spade - Spring Island Kaylee (Hot Pink) - Bags and Luggage

The first day of spring is a teaser that sends me out to try on strappy sandals even though I know there are several months yet to come with temperatures that require my toes to be covered or at the most peep out from under the glove soft leather of my shoes. Not to mention that we still have April showers to consider when peep toe shoes with even the tiniest sliver of pretty pedicure showing could mean suffering through a meal with soaking wet feet. I'm willing to sacrifice my personal comfort for sexy feet, but not when it could bring on a nasty case of pneumonia.

My idea of the perfect hot pink pumps for early spring do their magic for my legs and feet with sparkling rhinestones, ribbons and heels. Save the hot pink heels with straps and peep toes for later in the year. My favorite shoes for braving late spring chill and dampness completely enclose my pretty toes and showcase my legs to full potential as only spike heel pumps can do.

Fuchsia is without a doubt a favorite of the woman who is not afraid of being noticed. My full hips keep me from filling my closet with hot pink dresses and pants. I restrict the use of bright pink to the smaller parts of my body; my fingernails, my toes and my Kate Spade pink leather shoes, totes and purse.

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