eyebrow shaping

After a professional eyebrow shaping (whether they are waxed threaded or plucked) in about four weeks the hair will have grown back and you will need to repeat the process. And in that four weeks there may be a few stragglers that threaten to compromise the perfectly shaped eyebrows that frame your face in such an attractive fashion.

To keep your eyebrows looking neat in between visits to the salon, here are a few tips to maintain your brows until the next eyebrow shaping session. I do not recommend changing the shape of your eyebrows yourself. These tips are simply to preserve for the shape of your eyebrows that your cosmetician considered to be perfect for the shape of your face.

To maintain the arch of your brows, you need only a pair of tweezers and the bathroom mirror. You can use your magnifying makeup mirror, but resist the urge to pluck inside the main shape. Identify the strays that are springing up under the arch and outside the boundaries set by your professional and remove them by plucking them out in the direction they are growing. This DIY eyebrow shaping session should be done well in advance of public appearances as some redness may occur.

After you have removed stray hairs, fill the main shape of the eyebrow in using a matching pencil and set with eyebrow gel. Many eyebrow pencils now come with a kit that includes a small brow brush and gel.

Following this procedure on a weekly basis will keep the professional wax and tweeze looking great. In fact they may look so much like they’ve been professionally done in the salon that you may want to do your own eyebrow shaping from now on!

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