Jumpsuits – Styles for Every Woman - Are they Right for You?

jumpsuit by escada

Are jumpsuits for the woman who wants to jump in, shall we say, to the latest fashion? They are certainly making a comeback this season in styles that are not the kind seen in the late 80s and early 90s that were designed with tapered legs that belonged on a pair of cigarette pants. The vintage 1970s version is closer even though the wide legs were known unflatteringly as "elephant legs" in the days of disco.

vintage 1970s jumpsuit

Even with the forgiving profile, jumpsuits the leading and are not for every woman. The ones that reflect the clothing trends of the moment are geared toward women with height to spare and a spare shape to boot. Meaning that if you have some extra junk in the trunk or blessed with a busty bosom that this article of clothing may not be the best choice to camouflage your figure flaws no matter how minor they may be.

If you truly believe that your body is long, lean and leggy enough to wear jumpsuits you should still take precautions to insure that you look your best. Here are a few tips for selecting a jumpsuit that will enhance your figure and minimize the effect it has on your clothing budget.

1.If you are of average height, skip the flowers and polka dots and buy a jumpsuit in a dark color that will make you look thin. Only members of the tree top club look super in the vintage jumpsuits of the 70s with psychedelic flowers and paisley patterns and a wide leather or stretch belt at the waist.

2.Pick a belted style or one that has darts that shapes the waist.

3.To make an easy transition from work to play, a jumpsuit with a jacket can hide a halter style top or plunging back from 8 to 5 and then disappear to wear to a cocktail party.

A pretty pair of strappy sandals in the same shade as your outfit will give you additional height, extend the length of your already long and luscious legs and show off your pretty toes that are polished to perfection.


Expect to pay upwards of $300 for a stylish new jumpsuit. However, a woman who has her heart set on a pretty black, sequin or beaded number with a tight budget might be able to pick up something trendy at a fourth of that price in an online auction. Even at that price, you should remember that these contraptions are not as versatile as a pair of pants. You won’t be able to wear them repeatedly without notice nor are they candidates for mixing and matching with separates.

So, there you have the details on how to shop for the best jumpsuit for your needs as well as criteria on whether one will work with your personal body type.

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