Chanel sunglasses Flower logo sunglasses

If I get a tax refund this year, I'm going to buy a pair of Chanel sunglasses for yours truly. I have been dying for some Chanel flower logo sunglasses even through the months when the sun wasn’t strong enough to bring on even as much as a tiny bit of a squint.

I’m using the 100% UV protection to justify my purchase. Beyond that the only reason behind coughing up the cash for authentic Chanel sunglasses is pure fashion frenzy and vanity of course.

And to give you an answer to that unasked question; no I’m not willing to settle for fake Chanel sunglasses. There are several reasons that I feel that buying designer imitations. I must confess that I have bought a few knockoffs in my day and a few were alright. But in the long run only the genuine pieces truly made me truly happy. I would rather have fewer items in my wardrobe of glasses and have the pleasure of wearing authentic Chanel sunglasses

There are several styles that I have my eye on this season. One is the Model Number 4164B with a brown frame and brown gradient lenses. They have flowers on each temple sprinkled with tiny rhinestones that form the Chanel logo. The other pair I’m considering is the Chanel Aviator sunglasses that have similar rhinestones (or are they Swarovski crystals?). If I seem hung up on the rhinestones it’s because I tried on a pair of the Chanel flower sunglasses and the Chanel Aviator embellished sunglasses and they just frame a girl’s face to perfection.

Those are just two models that I’m lusting after at the moment. There’s no way I can afford two pairs of Chanel sunglasses, but I can dream can’t I?

If all goes well I may find my dream glasses on EBay at a discount. Don’t worry, I’m careful and never buy without checking out the seller and requiring all documentation of authenticity.

Which pair do you like best? The flower sunglasses or the big Chanel sunglasses in the aviator style?

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