It's ridiculous what people are charging for shipping a tiny envelope filled with cosmetics. Some Ebay merchants charge an arm and a leg for packing and services as well as postage. I've paid as much as 5.99 (do they think that I think I'm getting a freebie by knocking off one penny to avoid six bucks?) for an eyeliner that weighed a few ounces!

There was a time when a discount shipping offer barely made a spot on the radar of discount bargain shoppers searching for completely free product samples and buy one get one free offers. Nowadays we are paying more attention to those sneaky, high shipping fees and we realize that free shipping can offer significant discounts.

Use this MAC COUPON CODE for free standard shipping: BRUSH. There is no minimum purchase required to take advantage of the promotional code and it works with anything you buy. You just have to pull the trigger before April 26, 2008.

The great thing about M.A.C. makeup products is that they are free of oil. And the cosmetics that are not oil free have natural oils like jojoba oil and orange oil. As our skin ages, these natural oils help us by preventing water loss of the skin. If you can hold the moisture in the skin, your skin looks younger.

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Got all that? Good, now go to MAC and buy some some so they will put out more coupon codes for discount shipping and maybe throw in some free makeup?