Crunch Leather Top Zip Hobo

What sets the celebrities apart from the rest of us where wardrobe is concerned is often the fact that they don't seem to let the fact that they may only have one outfit that looks fabulous with any one pair of shoes or an expensive handbag that doesn't match but one outfit. When I saw this yummy robin's egg blue hobo bag, I began to run over how many dresses or suits that I could wear it with to justify the price.

Blue, pink and white look wonderful with basic black, right? Not to mention khaki, saddle brown and many other colors. Let this be reminder to us all that we don't have to stick with basic brown or black leather purses to get our money's worth.

This scrumptious baby blue hobo bag will be so much more eyecatching than a plain old hobo handbag in a lesser color, don't you think? Perhaps we can learn a thing or two from celebrities about drawing admiring glances. I'm making a commitment to expand my inventory of hobo bags and I'm going to do it with funky colors and designs. I'm going to stop playing it so safe, within reason. Why the hobo handbag? Because I like the way they look on the arm of my favorite celebrities, of course!