Rich Man Or Average??

Malaysian Women's Weekly

An article on Women's Weekly February 2011 Issue tells us about women's dream on marrying a rich guy and having a great and luxury life. So, there is to say most of those idiots will dare to become a successful career man's mistress rather than to work it all hard on building relationships in a more slower time line. I understand that on current economy, there's no way we women can simply go on a relationship and get married at the age of early twenties like in the old days; while thinking about women's life duration~

The women who wrote that article has an experience on being a mistress and now is leading a very pathetic life. A rich man, who left his wife to be with his mistress.. Dear all mistresses, do you thing that everything will spice up like how you wanted everything to be??? Do you thing you can have all the luxury life without consequences??? Do you think he would love you like the first time he love his wife??

For you information, life is about to go down for you.. You are about to die pathetically~ Rich man wants a perfect wife with only two great reasons.. The very first one is that whether she has made it through hardship with this man and so he holds the responsible by loving her throughly while the second one is; I pray for you if you are the mistress after that wife than you are about to be the best maid ever live~

I have a friend whom is a single mother, was divorced by husband or probably she divorced which I don't get the story but the big fat reason is not only husband is wrong but she herself can't control her attitude of liking to be the center of attention. She is a proud woman. She would constantly talk about herself, how good she is, how she could be so attractive last time and how guys would die to get her to be their wife. While all this happen, she would also self talk you to some trash where you have to pity her at the same time for her being a single mother, and gaining weight also having use to be someone else's mistress that currently living life as hell with the same guy. She would also talk shit about those she dislike or just in a way annoys and irritates her while in front of those people whom all that shitty talk she made, she would act completely sweet that they don't even know she has been fucking them behind their back. To be frank, so far in my life I've known so many people, she is the most successful poker face.

She made everyone pity her current relationship, firstly because that guy is freaking rich yet so stingy when it gets to spending money on her. If I were that guy, yes I would do the same until she can show me that she is not with me because of my money. She has been clinging to this guy for almost four years, yet he treats her like a maid, don't give a shit when it comes to spending money on her and a little crazy when letting her out with friends. Every guy is like that. She gets everything actually, just that everything she get, she tends to be more greedier and tends to think it's not enough. Understand that the guy holds a responsibility towards sending money to his ex-wife to help bringing up his son abroad. Of course that part is his priority, yet this woman right here, thinks that giving that ex a lot and giving her little is unfair. It is unfair but you gotta deal with it. You have a daughter to raise which she thinks he would help. Of course he would, but if I were her, I prefer bringing up my baby myself rather than to risk on keep on asking money from a man who have the same problem as I am. It's useless. VERY MUCH USELESS!!!! She also shows that no other man can be with her, unless that person is rich. I find it pathetic, to just force yourself in such situation without going with the flow of relationship nicely. It does seems like a shortcut, yet.. you are just inviting trouble to yourself. But if you insist to go on, I won't have anything to say but good luck. So, Fuck You!~

Thanks Women's Weekly. You have that great article!! That made me realize going through hard is not a bad idea anyway~

Beauty can get you anywhere better than to torture yourself being a mistress~