Fashion - Men In Skinny Jeans

Yo guys...thanx for the may e-mails and for your patience. I'm very busy lately, but I'll get back to everyone of you in a bit! After scaning some e-mails the most frequent question was SKINNY JEANS. Some got luv for these pants some hate it. So what is IT about these skinny jeans?! Yes, skinny jeans can look fresh but not on everybody. But pants hanging under your butt is def. unattractive, and I hope no one still wears their pants 4 sizes to big unless you are forced to wear them...loll

Like i already mentioned in my post about the Fashion Trends 2009 and a couple of othes...skinny either love them or hate them! Peronaly, I rock them!

Here some pictures from my older post and some new s***t!