Cameron Diaz gives a VERY raunchy lesson in how to wash a car in Bad Teacher trailer


In a lather: The 38-year-old actress plays a teacher who spends most of her time trying to find a man to look after her

Cameron Diaz proves she is schooled in the art of seduction in her upcoming film, Bad Teacher.

In a new trailer for the upcoming comedy, the actress is seen flashing her incredible figure in tight Daisy Duke denim shorts as she gets lathered up in soap suds at a car wash.

The 38-year-old is also pictured smoking marijuana in a scene from the film in which she plays a raunchy educator looking for a man to take care of her.

Funny flick: Cameron has called the hilarious movie 'filthy but fun'

Diaz also pairs up with her with her former boyfriend Justin Timberlake who plays another member of staff in the film due to be released in June this year.

The actress described the flick as 'filthy' but 'fun' and said she had given her seal of approval to Timberlake's role.

'We wanted Justin because he's such a brilliant comedian. He's so funny. He's very, very talented,' she said.

Not awkward: The Charlie's Angels actress stars alongside her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake in the film

'And Jason Segel is the heart of the film, which is weird. It's sort of a love triangle between the three of us.'

Appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night, Diaz chose to answer some unusual questions rather than the standard chat show Q&A.

So when asked if she like watching adult films, she boldly said: 'I love porn!'
'You know what I love about hotels? How discreet they are. They always give you that little thing at the bottom - "Your room will be charged the same as any other room. Titles will be used"'.

Diaz was dressed like she was going to be a part of a circus.

Her black trousers, braces and white vest top - which showed her black bra underneath - looked more suited to an acrobat than a movie star.

The Charlie's Angel's star also showed off her very toned arm muscles, which have drawn comparisons with Madonna's sculpted physique in recent weeks.

But despite Diaz's muscular appearance, the actress revealed she was mocked for being skinny in school.

Special guest: The star, who is dating baseball player Alex Rodriguez, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's chat show last night

'I've had a lot of nicknames,' she said. 'When I was a kid it was "Skeletor", which really did a lot for my confidence.

'And "skinny bone Jones" - that was most of my childhood. And there was a time when I was just "dirtbag nosebag". Then there was a time when I was "C-Diesel" and then "Diesel".'

Diaz also made reference to the moment TV camera caught her feeding popcorn to beau Alex Rodriguez during the Super Bowl.

'You should see what I normally feed people when I'm not on television,' she joked.

Bad Teacher - Red Band Trailer

source: dailymail