Bottoms up: Lady Gaga gets cheeky as she greets her 'little monsters' in New York


Mobbed: Lady Gaga poked her face out of the car window last night to sign autographs outside Madison Square Garden where she had just performed

Fans were treated to a glimpse - and then some - of Lady Gaga as she pulled over outside Madison Square Garden in New York last night.

The Poker Face stopped to great her loyal followers, who she calls her 'little monsters' after her performance at the popular venue.

But as she leaned outside her car to sign autographs, her skimpy leotard and fishnet tights struggled to cover her modesty.

Fame Monster: Gaga's security grabbed on to the star from behind to ensure she wasn't pulled completely out of the car

Her fans became hysterical as they got up close and personal with their idol.

The controversial artist wore dark sunglasses and a peroxide blonde beehive which she poked outside the car window.

She then stood up to the horror of her security guard in the back seat who grabbed hold of her from behind to keep her from being pulled out completely.

Gaga has just launched her Monster Ball tour which has seen celebrities like Paul McCartney, Liza Minnelli and Michelle Pfeiffer in the audience.

Her music has resonated with her fans young and old and her new hit Born This Way has been credited with helping fans to be proud of who they are.

The New York native herself has admitted to being bullied as a child and was picked on by girls who 'weighed thirty pounds' less than her.

source: dailymail