Fall 2010 Nail Color Trends

Those of us who have been waiting with baited breath for fall 2010 nail color trends were amazed...not a "they really took my breath away" kind of amazed. Actually, more of a stupefied kind of amazed, at least in the beginning.

It just took me a minute to acclimate myself and accept that I was reading about the stylishness of gray and beige nails for fall instead of hearing a description of the fingernails belonging to a crime victim being relayed to the cops by the medical examiner. Okay, I know that's drastic and even pretty gross but you have to admit that GRAY and BEIGE sounds dead and lifeless. But thankfully once you throw in some Chanel polish that is just a few shades short of being coal black (Paradoxal)or a smoky violet polish (Surreal Violet) by Estee Lauder things start to pep up a bit.

It's true that Fall 2010 Nail color trends probably are not going to be so cutting edge that they are remembered a decade or so from now, but the sophisticated look of the understated colors are really beginning to grow on me.