Women Asian Hair Clip Ideas

Hello! What hair bands, clips, etc. work best with Asian hair. I have very straight smooth hair that does not like to stay up. Or what hair products would help me so I can actually style my hair. you should be proud of your silky slippery straight hair! I'm asian and i was "blessed" with frizzy wavy hair. i've done magic several times to get straight hair, but it just messed it up. i think asian hair is the prettiest when it's just left down. but if you want a change, how about a cut? shaggy layers will give more interest.

I like to keep my hair up for work, but I usually leave it down any other time. Honestly, it's difficult to accessories silky, slippery, straight hair. Better to just go with mother nature than to fight her. If you must curl or style, I recommend using Dove hairspray. It smells great and leaves hair soft. That being said, I don't have a lot of product experience...I just use my flat iron.