Celebrities in Best Bikinis

Celebrities in Best Bikinis

Rihanna is a stylish, fashion icon already with her hair and makeup but in the summer of 2009 she was caught with her two-piece black and white patterned bikini. She showed off her beautiful curves and highlighted her smaller chest perfectly for an overall balanced look. Fun in the sun!

Celebrities in Best Bikinis-Rihanna
Tara Reid was a highlight because of her choice of different colored white top and teal blue shorts and light swim vest. This look allowed her to show off her ripped midriff and move attention away from her larger chest. Her smaller rear end was highlighted by the choice of swim shorts as well. And the bright colored strings that held it all together offered a fun style to set off the whole look!

Celebrities in Best Bikinis-Tara Reid
Katy Perry looked a bit white-skinned for the beach, but she complimented her lack of tan with a bright green two-piece bikini that was perfect for her body’s curves. Her hard body and full breasts filled out her suit in a way that will make guys drool, and her straw hat and sunglasses allowed her face to be safe in the sun! Great thinking Katy!

Celebrities in Best Bikinis-Katy Perry
Audrina Patridge showed off a bikini that connected the top and bottom in front giving an elongated look to her body, and accentuating her curves. She has the body for a two-piece, but this look left something to the imagination while still offering a stunning, fashion-forward look – perfect for sitting by the pool!

Celebrities in Best Bikinis-Audrina Patridge
The real beauty of these celebrities’ choices was that their bikinis suited their body type so well. That is the real key to looking fabulous on the beach next summer also!