Vaneli - Medelle (Clear Vinyl W/Amianto Prix Kid) - Footwear

What lady, no matter what age, doesn’t want to be Cinderella at least once? Cinderella shoes are perhaps the best place to start assembling your ensemble worthy of would be royalty and the good news is that the modern style of glass slippers is unbreakable and doesn’t revert to carpet shoes at the stroke of midnight.

Another nice characteristic of Cinderella glass slippers is that there are so many versions to pick from. There are sexy heels that will raise you to astonishing new heights on the brass pole or demure, strappy sandals that are constructed of clear materials that show your pretty feet off to full advantage. The see through straps of the shoes make your feel appear to be completely naked while protecting your bare soles from getting splinters while dancing the night away at the prom, the club or on the sands of your favorite beach.

You may be too mature for Cinderella costumes on a daily basis, but girls never get too old for a pair of Cinderella glass slippers.