MISS SIXTY - Caitlin (Yellow) - Footwear

In a photo seen online of Jamie Lynn Spears, one has to ask whether her outfit was hot or because she was sporting a pregnant tummy; not hot at all.

My problem with the outfit was not that it left her shoulders naked or that her fuller than usual breasts could have born a little more support to look more perky and controlled, but that Jamie Lynn Spears feet were in a pair of sexy shoes that looked downright dangerous for a pregnant mom.

The yellow platform, slingback pumps had spike heels that are not a wise choice for ladies with baby bumps that might have them, shall we say, off balance. If she must wear platforms, a thicker heel or even platform heels might be a safer choice while still offering the look of a long, shapely leg.

L.A.M.B. - Daniella (Natural/Yellow) - Footwear

She would have been just as cute in a pair of pretty thong sandals or even partying in her bare feet! Somebody needs to tell this pretty girl that there's no need to put herself in danger of falling just to look sexy! Hike the boobs up and skip the teetering spike heels, please!