Hilarious video of the baby who laughed hysterically as dad tore up rejection letter


10-month-old Micah McArthur laughs hysterically as his dad Marcus rips up a professor job rejection letter...

Video gets more than 750,000 hits after actress Alyssa Milano tweets it

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Parents can spend thousands of dollars trying to make their children smile, but all Marcus McArthur needed to entertain his son was a worthless piece of paper.

...and he squeals with delight so much that 'you almost wonder if he's stopped breathing', said Mr McArthur

Ten-month-old Micah laughed hysterically in his pink all-in-one suit as his dad ripped up a job rejection letter piece by piece in front of him.

Mr McArthur, 33, who is finishing his doctorate at Saint Louis University and applying for professor jobs, was looking at ways to entertain Micah at home in St Louis, Missouri.

‘But he starts laughing again and you think: "Yeah, he's OK". At that moment I thought: "Yeah, this is a really great clip".’

No money: Mr McArthur said he will not be selling the video, despite receiving offers, as it is just for fun

The video was posted five weeks ago but went viral after being tweeted by actress Alyssa Milano on Friday. It has now been viewed more than 750,000 times.

Micah enjoyed watching his father rip up the letter in front of him so much that Mr McArthur moved onto credit card statements, which resulted in more laughter.

Mr McArthur told KSDK: 'Around the 22-second mark he does an extremely hearty laugh where you almost wonder if he's stopped breathing.

Watch the hilarious video of baby Micah McArthur laughing hysterically in front of his dad

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